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Small and Easy Ways to Show Your Partner You Appreciate Them

It is well known that we as humans show love and appreciation in different ways. There are many love language books out there about the 5 love languages; words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service, and receiving gifts. If you do not know your love language, I would encourage you to take the simple love language questionnaire. Here are some ways to show appreciation for your partner.

  1. Welcome your partner as they walk through the door once they arrive home at the end of the day. Take a second and pause what you are doing, and greet them with a hug and/or kiss. This will allow for your spouse to see that they are a priority to you.

  2. Small gestures, such as making their coffee the night before (if your coffee maker has the ability to brew later). Its an act of service and I can promise you they will appreciate it in the morning.

  3. Plan a date night and/or spontaneous date night. Have a few popsicle sticks in a jar or pieces of paper in a hat with restaurants written on them.

  4. Giving support and encouraging one another. Some of us might think that our patterns know we are proud of them, but it can be powerful to let them know that. Express how much you appreciate them.

  5. Listening. Just listen to your partner and what they are saying, what they need. You can also ask your partner if they are looking for advice or if they just want you to listen.


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