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Handling Worry About Another COVID-19 Surge

The COVID-19 pandemic has had the ability to impact every single one of us in one way or another, and it looks different for every single person. The nurse. The teacher. The parent. The lawyer. The list goes on.

As the US shut down, many people began to grieve about what was happening in their life as it was quickly turned upside down. However, many people are beginning to worry that there may be another surge within our country, so how can you handle the worry? Here are a few healthy ways to cope with the stress and the unknown that COVID-19 brings.

  1. Have a set amount of time where you take a break from the media (TikTok, Instagram, the news, Facebook, etc) and/or technology. While watching the news and staying up to date is beneficial in many ways, too much exposure to the media and news can create a cycle of worry and fear.

  2. Mindfulness. Mindfulness is a great tool that can help those cope with stress and fear. The act of mindfulness involves focusing on your breathing and the present moment, or being mindful. There are so many great mindfulness resources available online.

  3. Talking about your worries, fears, and concerns. Voice what you are thinking, feeling, or fearful of. While sharing concerns and worries might be different, difficult, or challenging, it is beneficial for those around you know and then support you through your worries. If you feel uncomfortable sharing worries or concerns with those in your life, I encourage you to seek support and be able to voice your thoughts and feelings.


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